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December 25, 2008

Wayne’s Coffee – The real deal in Stockholm

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On a previous post, I complained about Starbucks, or actually the lack of Starbucks in Sweden.  Latte’s in coffee shops here are more like expresso shots, and they cost $4-$5!  Another odd thing is that many coffee shops open at 10am… including the one downstairs from me.

A large latte at Wayne's Coffie

A large latte at Wayne's Coffie

OK, on to the positie news, I found WAYNE’s COFFEE.  I had a chat with a local entrepreneur and marketer from America.  I got there a little early, and couldn’t help notice the familiarity of the shop.  It had an open layout, and I saw two folks with Macs working away with their headphones plugged in.  I ordered a latte, and it was amazing.  Best of all it was huge… the equivalent of a venti (they stay “stor” here).  Anyway, cheers to Wayne’s coffee, it’ll me my new work space.  One complaint.  If anyway from Wayne’s is reading this, please get some “gratis wifi” or I’ll still have to go to Kofi down the street (click here for directions) in Odenplan to check my emails and download large files.


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