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November 1, 2008

MMA in Sweden – Quick SEO Google Juice

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One of my Web sites, www.mmaViking.com, focuses on promoting MMA in Sweden.  With all of my forum postings and recognition from others in the MMA community (like from Hywel Teague, the editor of Fighers Only magazine, the UK’s MMA/Lifestyle magazine –he has a great blog at http://notesfromringside.wordpress.com called Notes from the Ringside) the site has been climbing in the key word search for “MMA in Sweden”.

What caught me off guard is my first blog at https://olearysd.wordpress.com/tag/mma-in-sweden/ is now ranked higher than my MMA site!  Looks like Google really values wordpress.com blogs, and is spidered very quickly.  This shows the real power of blogs, and the influence of social sites in Google’s juice.  I’m interested to see how the search phrase for “MMA in Sweden” progresses as each site grows.

On that note,  a while back, I bookmarked this page, called Google Ranking Facktors – SEO checklist.  It’s an interesting read for you SEO folks.  It hasn’t been updated in a while, but good background info and research:



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