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October 12, 2010

RyanOLeary.org Launched

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Ryan O'Leary Blog

I recently launched a Ryan O’Leary website at www.ryanoleary.org, which will be a hub for all of my websites.


March 14, 2009

Razorfish’s digital outlook 2009 Report

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You can get the full report here (Razorfish digital outlook 2009).  It’s a good take on spending allocations for Razorfish’s clients, upcoming trends, and interesting insights into 18-25 year olds (many of whom report texting in their sleep=) and young mothers.



Facebook Best Practices

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I will be starting my first Facebook campaing for a client.  I found a “Suggested Best Practices for Advertising on Facebook” from Facebook.  Here is an outline of the content.

  1. Identify your advertising goals
  2. Targeting
  3. Keyword Targeting
  4. Make your product stand out
  5. Keep your ad simple
  6. Use a strong call-to-action
  7. Use an image
  8. Landing pages
  9. Keep the user experience in mind
  10. Evaluate your campaign performance and make the necessary changes


January 8, 2009

iPhone vs. BlackBerry

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Interesting article comparing the market share of Apple vs. RIM/Blackberry.

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December 25, 2008

Focus Group Madness! This is funny stuff.

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Seth Godin Speaks to Google

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Hear from Seth.  A 2006 talk to Google.  Great marketing insights… as usual.

Unbreak things!  Great talk again.

Marketing Delights & Idea Diffussion

December 13, 2008

iPhone coming to Wal-Mart

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I heard last week that iPhones would be on the Wal-Mart shelves later this year at a $99 price point.  Hard to believe, but I guess the low-end consumer is the next untapped market.  Here’s more details about timing, pricing, and locations:


Sweden’s Hottest Search Terms

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I’ve heard that the most visited Web site in Sweden is a teen Swedish blogger.  Today I read an article about her blog, and a listing of the most popular Swedish search terms.  Her name is  Isabella ‘Blondinbella’ Löwengrip, and she was recently named “Sweden’s most sought after celebrity in 2008”.  It’s pretty amazing that a young blogger has garnered so much attention.  I read some of her recent posts, and it seems she is striking a chord with young and old with her straight-forard, and persanlly devulging about her dating and fashion life.  He also responds to teens seeking help, and throws down some “girl power” advice in a dear abbey style of advice.

Most popular search terms

1. youtube
2. lyrics
3. free
4. blocket (buy and sell)
5. eniro (yellow pages, search engine)
6. tv
7. göteborg
8. lexikon
9. google
10. aftonbladet (newspaper)

Fastest climbers

1. iphone
2. facebook
3. flashback (internet forum)
4. you tube
5. bilddagboken (picture diary)
6. swedbank
7. youtube
8. wiki
9. red
10. di

Domestic celebrities

1. blondinbella
2. linda rosing
3. zlatan
4. björn gustafsson
5. carolina gynning
6. håkan hellström
7. natacha peyre
8. amy diamond
9. pernilla wahlgren
10. charlotte perelli

Foreign celebrities

1. britney spears
2. madonna
3. rihanna
4. iron maiden
5. miley cyrus
6. heath ledger
7. oasis
8. leona lewis
9. carmen electra
10. elvis presley

Government agencies

1. skatteverket (tax)
2. försäkringskassan (social insurance)
3. arbetsförmedlingen (job agency)
4. vägverket (traffic)
5. systembolaget (alcohol)
6. posten
7. polisen
8. csn (student loans)
9. bilprovningen (car tests)
10. länstyrelsen (county administration)

Car brands

1. volvo
2. bmw
3. saab
4. ford
5. audi
6. toyota
7. honda
8. mercedes
9. peugeot
10. vw


November 9, 2008

SEO Event in Stockholm – December 6th

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As I start to integrate myself into the Web and SEO community in Stockholm, I’ll begin to post events that are available in town.  I notice that you have to act quick… these events fill-up real FAST!

Here is the agenda for the SEO event:

Saturday December 6 will be the first SEO forum result to be arranged in Stockholm. Following the success of our previous SEO hits with many participants thought we fit in arranging a hit. Meetings are free and open to all participants. Come and meet others in the same industry and learn more about search engine optimization and Internet!

Date: Saturday December 6.
Location: Fältman-ore advertising agency,
Address: Valhallavägen 86, tockholm

13.30 Förmingel & Registration
14.00 Marcus Anze Gruber, Constant AB, Google Quality Score decrypted
14.40 Coffee & Snack
15.00 Buy.at – SEO hits sponsors is a spin
15.20 Rickard Vikström, Infinite Systems, Blackhat SEO
16:00 Coffee & Snack
16.30 Johan Åberg, Norweb AB
17.10 Coffee & Snack
17.40 Simon Sundén, Iconvert AB, SEO and PR
Sprint 18.30 Dinner & Classical SEO beer

For more information, click here


OK, I was able to stop by this event.  It was well organized, and good group of speakers.  I learned about the event from Simon Sundén, a great SEO strategist and blogger from the very successful Stockholm SEO and Web Analytic agency iconvert. To see his presentation, visit – http://www.joinsimon.se/seo-pr-presentation-pa-seo-traff-hosten-2008/

SEO Stockholm

SEO Stockholm

Anyway, I want to thank Per Gustafsson for inviting me to the event.  Thanks again Per, and looking forward to your and Simon’s next event.

Ryan O

SEO and SEM Trends for 2009

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From my meetings and research on both SEO and SEM services in Sweden and the US, it seems that on-line advertising is the one part of the marketing mix that is growing, not declining.  In a time where marketers are being pressured to evaluate each dollar of the campaign, it seems that the Web is the one segment that is preferred by marketers due mostly to the measurable success (or lack of) compared to other traditional print and advertising.

Below is an article, highlighting some local experiences in the US.

His ad budget on the whole is smaller as a result of the economic decline, but Ben Boles, director of digital media for Damson Automotive Group, seems relatively bullish on using Web advertising to attract new and used car buyers to the Alabama-based auto dealer group. “As we move forward, our online dollars are not being scaled back,” he told ClickZ News, noting the benefits the medium’s efficiencies and analytics capabilities.

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