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March 14, 2009

Razorfish’s digital outlook 2009 Report

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You can get the full report here (Razorfish digital outlook 2009).  It’s a good take on spending allocations for Razorfish’s clients, upcoming trends, and interesting insights into 18-25 year olds (many of whom report texting in their sleep=) and young mothers.




Facebook Best Practices

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I will be starting my first Facebook campaing for a client.  I found a “Suggested Best Practices for Advertising on Facebook” from Facebook.  Here is an outline of the content.

  1. Identify your advertising goals
  2. Targeting
  3. Keyword Targeting
  4. Make your product stand out
  5. Keep your ad simple
  6. Use a strong call-to-action
  7. Use an image
  8. Landing pages
  9. Keep the user experience in mind
  10. Evaluate your campaign performance and make the necessary changes


March 1, 2009

Starbucks vs. Starcups in Gothenburg

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Yesterday, I saw the front of the DN (one of Sweden’s largest newspapers), and I saw a picture of a Starbucks cup.  I then saw Gothenburg in the headline.  This meant just one thing… Starbucks was coming to Sweden!

….. however, once I began to try to understand the details of the pending Starbucks takeover of Sweden, I began to realize the article was about something very different.  It seems that a new café owner has opened up a small shop called Starcups.  Starbucks isn’t too happy about this, and has filed a lawsuit that “alleges that its name and Starcups “sound nearly identical” and that the logo Najafpour has chosen for his café is strikingly similar to the Starbucks trademark.”

To ready the full article on The Local (Sweden’s news in Sweish), visit http://www.thelocal.se/17782/20090223/

This kinda reminds me of Eddie Murphy’s movie Coming to America, when his love interest in the movie’s father opened a MacDonalds, and was complaining that McDonald’s was all over them.

This seems commonplace for Starbucks. Here is a little article regarding Starbucks vs. Starpreya from http://www.csr-asia.com

Starbucks has lost a trademark dispute with a little-known South Korean company which styled its products ‘Starpreya’. The patent court ruled against Starbucks, which filed a trademark-infringement lawsuit against local firm Elpreya. Starbucks claimed Elpreya’s use of the brand ‘Starpreya’ causes local consumers to confuse the product with its own corporate and brand name. The Intellectual Property Tribunal ruled that the trade names were too dissimilar to be confused. Both logos are pictured left (with other Asian imitators) – make your own judgment….

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