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February 26, 2009

Learning Swedish

Filed under: Learning Swedish — olearysd @ 12:22 pm

As I integrate myself into the Swedish business community, it’s essential that I learn the local language.  Although it is quite easy living in Sweden without speaking Swedish, since everyone speaks great English, it’s time for me to learn to write ans speak Swedish.  Here you’ll be able to track my progress.  Although I already know some Swedish, like:

lyftkran (crane)

kissa (pee)

snö (snow)

komma hit (come here)

tack (thanks)

blöja (diaper)

hej (hello)

I’ll update you on my more advanced learnings and challenges, as I develop my skills.  My goal is to be able to participate in a business meeting in Swedish by the end of the summer.  Wish me luck!


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