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November 12, 2008

No Starbucks in Sweden

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I haven’t figured out why there are no Starbucks in Sweden.  One source told me that someone bought the license to Starbucks in Sweden, but decided not to use it…. but that doesn’t make any sense.  Is it that Wayne’s Coffee is already here, and is close enough to Starbucks?  Please let me know if you have any

Ryan at Starbucks

Ryan at Starbucks

answers or insights.  All I know is now that I’m back in the US, I go to Starbucks every day.  I’ve already started a Web site to bring the UFC to Sweden.  I think my next project may be to bring a Starbucks to Sweden.  Denmark is a little too far to travel for us living in Sweden.


November 9, 2008

SEO Event in Stockholm – December 6th

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As I start to integrate myself into the Web and SEO community in Stockholm, I’ll begin to post events that are available in town.  I notice that you have to act quick… these events fill-up real FAST!

Here is the agenda for the SEO event:

Saturday December 6 will be the first SEO forum result to be arranged in Stockholm. Following the success of our previous SEO hits with many participants thought we fit in arranging a hit. Meetings are free and open to all participants. Come and meet others in the same industry and learn more about search engine optimization and Internet!

Date: Saturday December 6.
Location: Fältman-ore advertising agency,
Address: Valhallavägen 86, tockholm

13.30 Förmingel & Registration
14.00 Marcus Anze Gruber, Constant AB, Google Quality Score decrypted
14.40 Coffee & Snack
15.00 Buy.at – SEO hits sponsors is a spin
15.20 Rickard Vikström, Infinite Systems, Blackhat SEO
16:00 Coffee & Snack
16.30 Johan Åberg, Norweb AB
17.10 Coffee & Snack
17.40 Simon Sundén, Iconvert AB, SEO and PR
Sprint 18.30 Dinner & Classical SEO beer

For more information, click here


OK, I was able to stop by this event.  It was well organized, and good group of speakers.  I learned about the event from Simon Sundén, a great SEO strategist and blogger from the very successful Stockholm SEO and Web Analytic agency iconvert. To see his presentation, visit – http://www.joinsimon.se/seo-pr-presentation-pa-seo-traff-hosten-2008/

SEO Stockholm

SEO Stockholm

Anyway, I want to thank Per Gustafsson for inviting me to the event.  Thanks again Per, and looking forward to your and Simon’s next event.

Ryan O

SEO and SEM Trends for 2009

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From my meetings and research on both SEO and SEM services in Sweden and the US, it seems that on-line advertising is the one part of the marketing mix that is growing, not declining.  In a time where marketers are being pressured to evaluate each dollar of the campaign, it seems that the Web is the one segment that is preferred by marketers due mostly to the measurable success (or lack of) compared to other traditional print and advertising.

Below is an article, highlighting some local experiences in the US.

His ad budget on the whole is smaller as a result of the economic decline, but Ben Boles, director of digital media for Damson Automotive Group, seems relatively bullish on using Web advertising to attract new and used car buyers to the Alabama-based auto dealer group. “As we move forward, our online dollars are not being scaled back,” he told ClickZ News, noting the benefits the medium’s efficiencies and analytics capabilities.

Read Full Article

November 7, 2008

David Ogilvy is Still the Man

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After reading the latest SEO trends and strategies, and thinking about the latest Web converstion techniques and strategies, I feel it’s important to remember all marketing strategies must fit into the big marketing picture.  Davide Ogilvy is still the man, and I continually use Ogilvy on Advertising as direct response and marketing bible.  If you haven’t read this book, and are involved in marketing… please pick it up.

Ogilvy is the man

Ogilvy is the man

More on David Ogilvy – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Ogilvy

Buy at Amazon

November 6, 2008

AT&T Survey’s iPhone Users

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Cool survey regarding iPhone user’s feedback.  Includes original survey questions. 

The survey chiefly touches on post-purchase satisfaction with both Apple and AT&T and is described by AppleInsider readers as a follow-up to a similar survey from a few months ago, or shortly after the iPhone 3G launch.

Read the full article

November 3, 2008

Teens want iPhones!

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The more I research apple users, the more I am picking up that the youth want Apple products.  Even college students prefer Apple computers, and plan to purchase one next.  Here’s a nice little study regarding teenagers.  Steve Jobs can now sleep at night.

Today’s economic crisis doesn’t seem to have reached the 769 high school students polled in Piper Jaffray’s 16th bi-annual survey of teenage buying patterns and preferences.

The survey, conducted at several apparently well-heeled high schools in the United States over the past few weeks — while the global financial markets were melting down — focused on MP3 players, online music and Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone.

The results, released late Tuesday, may say more about the demographics of the population Piper Jaffray is testing than the buying power of most U.S. teenagers, but they will be music to Steve Jobs’s ears. According to senior research analyst Gene Munster, who directed the study:
8% own iPhones, up from from 6% in Spring 2008.
22% of students surveyed expect to buy an iPhone in the next 6 months, up from 9% in Spring 2008.
Of students expecting to buy a mobile phone, 33% specified an iPhone.
iPod market share rose to 84% from 82% in Fall 2007.
Of the 40% of students who legally purchase music online, 93% said they use iTunes (up from 79% in Fall 2007).

Read Full Article on Fortune.com – 8% of U.S. teens own an iPhone; 22% want one

Apple Tops Survey…. of course!

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I saw this interesting snippet on a few sites… maybe easy usability and lack of viruses do impact satisfaction?  Just a thought.

“The latest rankings from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) show that Apple has dramatically outpaced its rival computer makers in the hearts of U.S. consumers,” reports Asher Hawkins (forbes.com). The ACSI survey “ranks Apple at 85” out of 100, “11 points above the computer-maker industry average.” In fact, “Apple’s rating is also an all-time high for the computer industry.”

iPhone Satisfaction – Interesting Survey

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An interesting satisfaction survey for iPhone users, includes how they rate the App Store, MobileMe, stability, and missing cut & past feature =)

The vast majority of respondents love their iPhones. Ninety-one percent said they were totally or very satisfied with them. Seventy-eight percent rate it as an excellent or good value, counting the cost of wireless service.

Read the full story on Technologizer’s

November 2, 2008

iPhone Users are Entertaining Themselves More

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Here is an article on the different activities of the Mobile Users.  It really shows that iPhone users use the Web a lot more than other devices.

See article – iPhone Users Are Having More Fun

Free Wi-Fi for iPhone in the US

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Looks like AT&T is moving in the right direction:

AT&T has already been offering free Wi-Fi to its broadband subscribers since last year. And in January it announced it would offer its LapTop Connect customers, who use a 3G wireless Aircard, free Wi-Fi access.

Free Wi-Fi for Apple’s iPhone users is finally available from AT&T

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